Our refined Etruscan Balsamic Condiment is a nectar obtained with the traditional methods used by ancient Etruscans. 

The late-harvested grapes are pressed, and the filtered juice is set to simmer. Once cooled, it is decanted into wood barrels for 4-8 months. During this time, the balsamization begins.

Then, it is progressively passed into small barrels of decreasing capacity (from 60 to 25 liters) and of different types of wood (oak, chestnut, cherry, ash, mulberry) ultil the final 25-liter barrel is filled from which the balsamic vinegar is taken at the end of the maturation. Following tis procedure, the ageing lasts about 12 years. 

Thanks to the method adopted by Banfi, it is possible to transform  grape juice into this precious Etruscan Balsamic Condiment with its dark brown color, inebriating and complex fragrance, rich viscosity and captivating taste. 

Colour: dark brown, strong and lucent.

Bouquet: typical, complex, spicy, brings forth a pleasant and harmonious acidity.

Taste: typical, with great sweet-sour balance.

Excellent seasoning for risotto dishes, particularly indicated for the preparation of white and red meat, fish that has been grilled, baked or cooked in “papillote” or in the oven, on omelettes and other sweet-sour dishes. Thanks to its special flavour it can be used also for desserts, sprinkled on fresh berries or vanilla ice cream, for example.

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